3 April 2020 Current Affairs

These are the important current affairs questions of 3 April 2020 which will be useful in your upcoming competitive exams. General Knowledge and Current affairs PDF link for the month of February is given at the bottom of this page and can be downloaded by clicking on it.

1. India Ratings has recently estimated the percentage of India’s GDP to be in financial year 2020-21?

a) 5%

b) 3.6%

c) 4.5%

d) none of these

2. Which Union Ministry has recently launched a portal named Stranded in India to assist foreign tourists?

a) Ministry of External Affairs

b) Ministry of Planets

c) Ministry of Tourism

d) none of these

3. Recently a report titled East Asia and Pacific in the Time of COVID-19 has been released by

a) WHO

b) UNO

c) World Bank

d) none of these

4. Bharat Pay has recently entered into an agreement with which bank to introduce insurance related to COVID-19?

a) ICICI Bank

b) Punjab National Bank

c) State Bank of India

d) none of these

5. Recently, the term of Deputy Governor of Reserve Bank of India BP Kanungo has been extended for how long?

a) 1 year

b) 6 months

c) 1 year

d) none of these

6. Government of which state of India has recently started radio school?

a) Uttar Pradesh

b) Madhya Pradesh

c) Gujarat

d) none of these

7. Odisha Day has been celebrated recently on which date?

a) 1 April

b) 2 April

c) 31 March

d) none of these

8. On which date has the Reserve Bank of India recently celebrated its foundation day?

a) 1 April

b) 2 April

c) 31 March

d) none of these

9. The historian Professor Arjun Dev died on which date?

a) 28 March

b) 29 March

c) 1 April

d) none of these

10. The interest rate for Sukanya Samriddhi Account Scheme has been reduced from 8.4 percent to how much?

a) 5.5 %

b) 7.6 %

c) 8 %

d) none of these

Answers: 1- (b), 2- (c), 3- (c), 4- (a), 5- (a), 6- (b), 7- (a), 8- (a) , 9- (b), 10- (b)

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