4 April 2020 Current Affairs

These are the important current affairs questions of 4 April 2020 which will be useful in your upcoming competitive exams. General Knowledge and Current affairs PDF link for the month of February is given at the bottom of this page and can be downloaded by clicking on it.

1. Which corona virus tracking mobile app has been recently launched by the Government of India?

a) Arogya Setu

b) Covid tracking

c) Track Corona

d) none of these

2. How long has the “World Athletics Championship” recently been postponed?

a) 2021

b) 2022

c) 2023

d) none of these

3. The government of which state has recently started the “Pragya” program?

a) Kerala

b) Andhra Pradesh

c) Assam

d) none of these

4. Which state government has announced to extend the service to all doctors who have recently retired?

a) Uttar Pradesh

b) Uttarakhand

c) Rajasthan

d) none of these

5. Who has recently become the new MD of “Sundaram Home Finance”?

a) L. Duraiswamy

b) S.S. Tiwari

c) Anil Sharma

d) none of these

6. How long has the United Nations postponed the “Climate Change Conference” to be held from 9 November to 20 November 2020 due to the corona virus?

a) 2021

b) 2023

c) 2022

d) none of these

7. Which country has recently banned the term Corona virus and use the masks?

a) South Korea

b) Saudi Arabia

c) Turkmenistan

d) none of these

8. “World Autism Awareness Day” has been celebrated recently on which date?

a) 1 April

b) 2 April

c) 3 April

d) none of these

9. Philip Warren Andersen, who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics, died on March 29 due to Corona virus, which country did he belong to?

a) Britain

b) France

c) America

d) none of these

10. Nirmal Khalsa, who was awarded the Padma Shri and a former ragi of the Golden Temple, died on 2 April 2020 due to Corona Vasaras. He belonged to which state?

a) Haryana

b) Punjab

c) Gujarat

d) none of these

Answers: 1- (a), 2- (b), 3- (c), 4- (c), 5- (a), 6- (a), 7- (c), 8- (b) , 9- (c), 10- (b)

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