Important Full Forms

ABC – Tans off Berry Computer.

AWS – Amazon Web Services.

AM – Anti Meridiem

ATM – Automated Teller Machine.

BSNL – Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited.

BASIC – Beginner All Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code.

CD – Compact Disk.

CAD – Computer Aided Design.

CD-ROM – Computer Disk Read Only Memory.

CAL – Computer Aided Learning.

CLASS – Computer Literacy And Studies In School.

C-DAC – Center for Development of Advanced Computing.

C-DOT –  Center for Development of Telematics.

DVD – Digital Versatile Disk.

DOS – Disk Operating System.

FM – Frequency Modulation.

FIR – First Identification Report.

GPS – Global Pasitioning System.

GOOGLE – Global Organization Orineted Group Language of Earth.

GB – GigaBytes.

GPRS – General Packet Radio Servise.

HTTP – Hyper Text Transfer Protocol.

HD – High Definition.

IMEI – Internation Mobile Equipment Identity.

IT – Information Technology.

JAD – Java Application Devolopment.

JAR – Java Archive.

KBPS – Kilo bytes Per Second.

LCD – Lequid Crystal Display.

LED – Light Emitting Diode.

LAC – Location Area Code.

MCC- Mobile Country Code.

MNC – Mobile Networking Code.

MP3 – MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3.

MMS – Multimedia Messaging Service.

MS WORD – Microsoft Word.

MHz – MegaHertz

OTP – One Time Password.

OTG – On The Go.

OMR – Optical Mark Recognisation.

OMR – Optical Mark Reader.

PDF – Portable Document Formate.

PNG – Portable Network Graphics.

PHP – Personal Home Page.

PM – Post Meridiem

RPA – Robotic Process Automation.

RAM – Random Access Memory.

ROM – Read Only Memory.

SIM – Subscriber Identification Module.

SMS – Short Massage Service.

USB – Universal Serial Bus.

UPS – Uninterruptible Power Suply.

URL – Uniform Resource Locator.

VSNL – Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited.

WWW – World Wide Web.

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